About Us

CAP Sport was initially founded in the year 1993 from Mr. Misailidis who is also the General Manager of the company.
Since its early years CAP gave emphasis on the provision of complete solutions in the sports fashion sector. From creating embroidery designs, CAP advanced through the years and right now is a major company that makes, designs and distributes sports clothes within a wide range of designs and custom-made qualifications. At the time being CAP is a fully-dynamic and growing Greek company with qualitative products which are exclusively of our own production.
The stability on our basic principles but mostly our continuous update of our production processes are the keys for having a big share in the current market. The company fully adjusted in the market's needs aims to offer greek, qualitative products in the most approachable prices. Despite of the industry's difficulties, CAP manages to improve its image and attract a remarkable number of new clients. We are always on the seek of new and interesting cooperations.
Based on the given know-how and its potentials, CAP aims to attract clients from every sport (basketball, soccer, handball, volleyball e.t.c.). The high level of our know-how combined with the continuous adoption and implementation of new designing techniques gives us an advantage among our competitors since we have the opportunity to create new and unique designs adapted to our clients' needs.
CAP already has an extensive clientele which includes local teams, academies as well as great historic Greek teams. In its assets are cooperations with teams as A.E.K., IRAKLIS, KAVALA and P.A.O.K. with whom they continue this year their flawless partnership both in the provision of sports clothing and the management of the boutique inside the basketball court.
The last years, the company has the exclusive representation of the world colossus PEAK supplying customers and stores all over the world with very consumable athletic products largely known from various NBA teams.
Our next strategic goal is the creation of new sale's points in order to make the communication with our clients easier and much stronger. Since 2009 we have opened our first retail store in the region of Kilkis, now being the citizen's first choice. Last year we opened our own branch store located in the Close Basketball Field of PAOK where anyone can obtain our products and see our new designs. Attaining the experience, we are now in a position to manage an organized and fully-equipped boutique for every sports club.